Artist Statement

I grew up in the countryside, sat by the loom wowed carpets, sewed clothes and worked in the farm house – this may explain my interest in craftsmanship and tradition. When I attended a ceramics course, I was able to follow the work of a potter on the potter’s wheel for the first time. Then I knew I wanted to learn this art. From now on I wanted to know everything about ceramics, and on this journey of discovery I am still. Since then, clay has been my material and I have become a ceramist.

With every lump of clay on the potter’s wheel, I am learning more. For me it is a pleasure to elicit the secrets of the material. Each of my objects contains a piece of me: skill, joy, grief; My whole journey as a ceramist. The objects also serve purposes other than use alone. They respect the ancient craftsmanship, the curiosity and the enjoyment of craftsmanship. That is why my objects are unique. They have a soul.


I make items for everyday life: mugs, bowls, jugs, teapots, bottles, miniature beverages. The products are made on potter’s wheel. Big part of them are burned in a wood fired kiln. The challenging, time-consuming wood firing produces always surprises. It is exciting to see what effects the flames have produced on the surface of the objects. That is why wood firing is so passionate!

My products are made for everyday use. Dishes fit for food use they are dishwasher safe and microwave safe. Most of the items are made of stoneware. All glazes I mix personally.

Orders and contact

The products are made in small portions. Since the wood firing kiln is only used from spring to autumn, the delivery time of the individual products is at least six months.

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Paula Ruuttunen